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241 days ago / Freakden
Male Chastity Fetish Explained: Cocks Caged for Pleasure and Denial

For some just hearing about a male chastity fetish would be enough to scare them away but there are plenty of guys that want nothing more than to have their cocks caged.

To really understand what would make someone want to stuff their penis into a plastic or metal cage, you need to know about the sexual dynamics that are at play but we’ll get to that later.

What’s a Male Chastity Device?

A male chastity device or cock cage is a metal or plastic container, shaped to fit penises of varying sizes, that slides over a penis and is held in place typically by a lock a key set.

Chastity devices come in various shapes, sizes and colors as of recently where previous cages were pretty much only available in a standard stainless or clear plastic.

You can see tons of examples of cock cages for sale online to get a better idea of what’s out there. You’ll probably be shocked at how many different types of male chastity cages actually exist.

Who Craves Having Their Cock Caged?

You’d be surprised at how many guys crave having their ‘cock caged’ but in regards to what types of guys, that’s a whole other topic.

Most men that are into being chastised are also into the female domination scene and enjoy being sexually submissive.

Female domination is pretty self-explanatory for the most part but to be clear, it involves a man being sexually dominated by a woman — not the other way around. So you can how male chastity would fit right into that sexual dynamic.

Not all guys that are into female domination want their dicks locked up in a cage, but the huge majority of men that are interested in being chastised will be into dominant women.

Male Chastity: The Ultimate Sign of Submission

For sexually submissive men giving up control of their cock is the ultimate sign of submission, so what better way than to have it locked in a cage with the woman in control holding your keys.

Once a guy is locked in his cage, he has given up all control over when and if he gets to orgasm. When you take that into consideration you can see why some submissive men love male chastity and truly crave it.

If you want to see how diverse the male chastity fetish is, just take a look at the chastity fetish pics posted by chastity slaves and dominant women that are into it the scene.

Most of them are pretty cool about discussing what they love about being chastised or locking up dicks, so feel free to leave them some questions.

How Do You Become a Male Chastity Slave?

Becoming a male chastity slave is as simple as buying a chastity device and then finding a dominant female or mistress to become your Keyholder or Key Holder. Let’s take a look at what that’s all about.

A male chastity slave is a guy that has submitted to a dominant female and has had his penis locked in chastity. She is now his Keyholder and he is now her Chastity Slave.

A Keyholder is literally a woman that holds the keys and power to unlock a guy’s cock cage. It’s at her discretion and according to her terms, when and if he will be unlocked as well as if he’s able to masturbate and/or have sex again.

Now once you’ve realized you have a male chastity fetish or want to give it a try, that next step is figuring out how to become a chastity slave and getting caged.

For some into chastity they simply bring up the idea to their girlfriend or wife and see what they think. There’s not much advice for us to give you in that realm besides taking the time to explain your desires to your partner without being too pushy.

Other guys that want to get right into being a male chastity slave turn to other innovative ways of making it happen. These guys look to online mistresses and dominant women to turn their fantasy into a reality utilizing all of the technology that’s available.

Most of them use their smartphones, tablets and/or computers to either chat with mistresses and chastity loving women over the phone or for even more virtual reality type fun, they get their cocks locked by dominant women with webcams (read some femdom camgirl reviews).

For guys that are just getting started with chastity, they often turn to online communities where they can chat with others into the fetish and post some pictures to test the waters.

Male Chastity is a Fantasy and Fetish for a Reason

Obviously male chastity isn’t for everyone, which is why it sort of doubles as both a fantasy and a fetish. Some guys get turned on thinking about it, chatting about it and even having their cocks caged from time to time, where others simply can’t leave without having their cocks controlled.

The male chastity fetish realm is one of power exchange, domination and submission as well as the desire to do whatever it takes to both give and receive pleasure, even if it means having your throbbing cock shoved into a caged and kept under lock and key.

Image Credits: Mistress HoneyBarefeet @

289 days ago / Freakden
Pornhub: How to Post Your Favorite Videos

Pornhub is one of the most popular porn video tube sites in the world, so naturally we had to make it possible for you to post and share your favorites on Freakden. It’s really easy to do and is basically just like posting a picture on the site but let’s breakdown two ways to do it.

Post Pornhub Videos by URL (From Web)

This is the first way to share videos from Pornhub and you do it right from the freakden submit page under From Web.

Step 1: Copy the URL or Web Address of the video you want to post.

Step 1: How to Post Pornhub Videos

Step 2: Paste it in the box under From Web on the submission page and click fetch.

Step 3: Select the image that best matches the video and continue to post like usual. You’re done!

Post Pornhub Videos via Bookmarklet

This is the second method you can use to share Pornhub videos and it uses the bookmarklet, that you can add to your web browser. Learn more about it here.

Step 1: Visit the web address or URL of the video you want to post.

Step 2: Click the freakden bookmarklet in your web browser’s bookmark toolbar.

Step 3: Continue posting as you normally would and you’re done!

And that’s all there is to posting and sharing videos from Pornhub. Now get out there and start collecting your favorite videos on Freakden.

291 days ago / Freakden

First of all thank you for all your patience! Unfortunately freakden had to move to a whole new home but it was for the greater good of the community and it’s now back for the long haul! We just have a few minor things to finish and our community should be back to 100%. Below is a nice little breakdown of what is going on right now and what happened while we were gone.

Community Updates

1. Website Transfer: Completed

2. DMCA Requests: Completed

While we did the website transfer to a new home, we also handled 1000s of DMCA requests, so you may see some of your posts missing or even entire boards depending on the number of offenses.

From this point forward only individual posts/images/videos will be removed in cases where we receive DMCA requests but your boards will remain even if empty.

3. Fixing Missing Images: In Progress

We’re currently still transferring in some pictures and miscellaneous posts, so you might see some missing images here and there but not for long. Don’t worry, everything will be back as soon as possible, we promise 🙂

4. That’s all for now!

Find an Error or Issue on the Site?

Once again thank you all so much for sticking with us while we made this move! However if you find an error or come across an issue on the site, feel free to leave a comment in the message area below and we will get it fixed ASAP 🙂

February 27, 2016 / Freakden

Femdom Mistress SierraSkyXXXHave you noticed over the years that Femdoms and Mistresses have become a major turn on that you simply can’t deny?

When dealing with dominant women do you find yourself becoming aroused? You’re not the only one!

Many men and women find themselves attracted to femdoms and mistresses, in fact it’s a fetish like any other or even just a preference for some.

If you’re on the fence about it you can browse tons of femdom pics and other related content and see for yourself but odds are if you’ve thought about it before then you’re most likely more of a submissive person that needs  dominant woman in your life.

Femdoms and Mistresses Online

So many submissive men go on craving a femdom or mistress for years without ever realizing you can find them online and start serving immediately! Why wait when technology has made it easy to pursue your secret fantasy life as a submissive slave or subbie to a dominant femdom or mistress.

In fact you’ll find tons of them right here on Freakden or you can always browse other femdom communities like ImaFemdom or Femdomist which provide the ultimate in interaction ranging from webcam to telephone to even stuff like skype.

So why wait and ache when you can serve today?! Go and get your freak on!

July 5, 2015 / Freakden

Red TubeI’m sure the majority of you have heard of RedTube and their hundreds of thousands of adult videos. Why travel back and forth when you can pin your favorite videos right here on the den!

Best of all, pinning videos is easier than you can even imagine and with just a couple clicks, it’s pinned to one of your boards for viewing anytime you want right on freakden!

How to Pin RedTube Videos in 3 Steps

This is so easy even a newbie could do it. Check it out!

Step 1: Visit RedTube and click the video you want to save.

You can do this with infinite amounts of videos too. No limits!

Pin RedTube Videos Step 1

Step 2: Click your Freakden pin button aka bookmarklet.

Once you click it, this will pop up on your screen. Just click the image for the video you want and on to the final step.

Pin RedTube Videos Step 2

Step 3: Fill out your details, pin it and you’re done!

Pin RedTube Videos Step 3

Can you believe how easy it is to pin videos from Redtube? That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve pinned your video, you’ll see a confirmation and you can either go check it out here on freakden or keep browsing Redtube for more videos. Have fun pinning your favorite adult videos!

May 27, 2015 / Freakden

kiss-emojiSome of you may have noticed that Freakden now has the new emojis! — the same ones you see on Twitter, Facebook and plenty of other places, you can now use right here!

Up until now we still utilized an old looking version of those addictive little smileys but they just didn’t offer all the various choices that the new emojis do.

So for those of you that can’t get enough of them and love using them you can now feel free.

All of the characters are the same so there’s nothing new to learn either. Enjoy!

May 24, 2015 / Freakden

If you’re into cuckolding then you probably enjoy Cuckold Captions! How could you not? They are funny, naughty and often capture the essence of those hot moments perfectly. So we thought what better way to showcase cuckold caption pictures then with their own top 5 list. Now lets get to it!

Top 3 Cuckold Caption Pics of the Week

Ready for the top picks of the week? Pin yours on the site and it could end up featured too!

1. This is Happening, Hubby!

Top Cuckold Caption Number 1

Pinned by My Cuckold Fantasy to Cuckold Caption Pics

2. Keep Calm You Cuckold

Top Cuckold Caption Number Two

Pinned by LetMeWatch to Fave Cuckold Caps

3. My Hubby Wants to Listen to Us

Top Cuckold Caption Number 3

Pinned by Cuckold to Caption Pics for Cuckolds

Hot or what? Let us know if you enjoyed these cuckold captions or have some better ones to nominate or share. Want more? View all of these type of pics under Cuckold Captions.boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

May 20, 2015 / Freakden

updatesaredone-1432111228p8l4cWow that was quite the update today everyone! We apologize for the site being slow today but it was a much needed update due to the huge amount of spam we got hit with out of no where today.

Luckily we got it down from the site fairly quickly and jumped right into making the necessary updates so none of us have to deal with that again!

Once again we thank you for your patience and for being a part of the Freakden Movement — a movement where a few spammers are not going to ruin our fun!boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

April 8, 2015 / Freakden

Sissification FantasiesAs you may have noticed, Sissification Fantasies are running rampant here at the den and practically everywhere adult site on the web.

Although this fantasy, fetish or whatever you want to call it has been around for an incredibly long time, it has only recently really started coming out of the closet.

For those of you who aren’t sure what the hell I’m talking about, let me explain:

Sissification is the process of gradually turning a straight man into a feminized cross-dressing sissy.

How extreme it is taken or goes is up to those involved because that varies greatly. You may also heard of it only under the name — Feminization. These are basically one in the same. Now that you are up to speed lets take a look at some of the things that can take place in the realm of sissifying men.

Sissification Activities

Let it be known that these aren’t things that everyone involved in this does but rather is a sample of things that certainly have and do take place just to give you an idea.

Sissification Training Activities

  1. Being made to wear panties.
  2. Getting locked into a chastity device.
  3. Wearing women’s clothing and lingerie.
  4. Brainwashing and hypnosis.
  5. Tease and denial.
  6. Having to use dildos and butt-plugs.

What do you think? Do any of those things get your dick just a hopping around in your pants? If so, you know what that means!

But all jokes aside as you can probably imagine sissification can take on all sorts of different forms and fantasy types, ranging from being humiliation based to the full blown desire to become a cocksucker — that all depends on the guy involved.

So what do you think about sissification and feminization? Whether you are into it or not, let us know about your thoughts or experiences involving this naughty fantasy. Just wanting to see some hot sissy pics and videos? Check out all the Sissy Pins on the den!

March 24, 2015 / Freakden

Promote your website, blog or brand on the freakden!

We have had quite a few questions from those wanting to promote their websites, blogs and businesses on Freakden and they’ll be happy to know that all are welcome!

Best of all there are no fees to pay and no special registration forms. Opening a Freakden account for your company, site or brand is fast, easy and really is the sexy thing to do.

Get yours today and start promoting your brands right here on the Freakden!

How to Open a Company Account

To open your company account simply register for free like any new user would (or log in with a social media account) and fill out your profile which has spots for twitter accounts, website addresses and more. Make sure to get across your message and make it clear that you are the brand that you want to promote.

After you’ve registered you can feel free to upload and pin as much as you’d like and show off your goodies. It’s as simple as that for your business to get started with Freakden — no hoops and hassles just sexy fun.

Tips for Company Accounts

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind so you make the most out of your presence on Freakden!

  1. Select a username that represents your company or brand (if you forgot, you can change your display name under your settings page.
  2. Choose a cool avatar and background for your page.
  3. Fill out the About section of your profile so people can learn more about you.
  4. Interact with the community! That’s a big part in what makes this community so great is the level of interaction and fun we all have, so jump right in and become a part of it.

That about sums it up because it’s so damn easy to get started! We hope this was helpful and we wish you the best. Happy pinning!

March 18, 2015 / Freakden

Special Announcement! Pin your fave adult tube videos and more!

There is nothing we enjoy more than bringing you new features and ways to make Freakden even more fun for everyone. With that being said we are pumped to let you all know that you can now pin your favorite adult videos from more places than ever before!

Pin Your Favorite Videos

Up until now we have only been able to pin videos from YouTube and Vimeo but now you can pin from your favorite adult tube sites as well and view them right here anytime you’d like. Oh hell yes, now it’s time to get your freak on!

Browse and pin your favorite porn videos, tease videos or whatever you’d like from the following sexy ass sites and more:

Red Tube

You Porn

How do you do it? Use the free Freakden Bookmarklet and pin them as you view them! It doesn’t get any easier or more fun! We hope you all enjoy this great new feature!

February 8, 2015 / Freakden

Have you been wondering if you can just upload your stuff to Freakden instead of pinning? If so well prepare to be amazed as we show you how to upload a photo like it’s nothing.

With Freakden you can pin stuff from around the web but you can also upload your own photos and other content here as well. In fact it’s even easier to do and you can do it from anywhere on the site.

How to Upload a Photo to Freakden

Get ready for the easiest instructions you’ve ever read in your life!

Step 1: Click the ‘Add Pin’ Button in the Top Right Corner

It looks like this:

Click Add a Pin Icon

Step 2: Click ‘Browse & Upload’ and Select Your File

Browse and Upload Button

Step 3: Upload Your Photo and Pin It!

Wait just a few seconds for your file to upload and then the page will change to where you can enter a title, description, tags and whatever else you want — then just Pin It and you’re done!

Upload and Pin It!


It’s as easy as that to upload a photo to Freakden!

Recap: Click ‘Add Pin’ then ‘Browse & Upload’ and then Fill Out Your Info and Pin It!

January 28, 2015 / Freakden

How to Reply to a CommentReady to learn how to reply to a comment? You may have noticed that now under the comments section there is a reply button next to each comment that has been posted.

Well that’s because we just setup threaded comments! Now you can post comments and respond to comments posted to your pins or anyone’s for that matter.

Our system is very similar to the comment system you’ll find on YouTube, where you leave comments and comment or reply on others.

Commenting on a pin is easy so lets skip right to the good stuff.

How to Reply to a Comment

Update time! You no longer need to open a page in a new tab or window. You can now reply to comment with ease by just clicking the reply button next to a comment. Check out the new shorter how-to guide below! Replying to a comment is just like leaving a comment! the only difference is — you’ll have to open the pin you want to reply on in a new tab. Don’t worry that’s easy too!

Please note this only applies to replying to comments. You can leave normal comments anytime without needing to do this.

Step 1: Find the comment you want to reply to, click reply!


Step 2: Leave your comment in the comment box like usual.


Step 3: Your Reply Comment Magically Appears! You’re Done!



January 26, 2015 / Freakden

Part of the fun in using Freakden are all the ways you can interact with each other. So what better way to spread the word then to create a simple how-to guide on how to Repin, Like and Comment.

I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible because it’s really easy and I don’t want to bore you to death.

So lets first take a quick look at the image below, that shows what happens when you hover over a pin. As you’ll see those pretty little circles pop up with some cool symbols. You can utilize those to Repin, Like and Comment without even clicking an image.

Repins, Likes & Comments

Simply click away and do what you want with them! You’ll also find these on each individual post on the site as well. Pretty clever if you ask me.

Now lets take a look at what the hell these terms mean!

What are Repins, Likes & Comments?

Repins: A repin is when you see something someone else pinned and you want to post it to one of your own boards. Click the little arrows to repin stuff.

Like: Well this one is easy enough. If you see something you like or love then click the heart and let it be known!

Comments: Anytime you see a little speech bubble, click it and comment away!

One last thing…

If you click on a pin, when the window opens you’ll see all the same options available at the top plus a slew of social sharing options but you won’t find the comment bubble. Don’t worry! Just scroll down beneath the image you’ll see a comment box to use.

That’s really all there is to it! Now go out there and Get Freaky!

January 13, 2015 / Freakden

How to Pin a Vimeo VideoVimeo is loaded full of sexy amateur videos and some of you would like to pin them to your pinboards, so lets take a look at how to pin a Vimeo video.

It’s even easier than pinning a YouTube video so you’re going to love this tutorial!

There are two ways to pin a Vimeo Video:

1. Using the Bookmarklet

2. Using the Add Pin Page.

Method 1: Using the Bookmarklet

Utilizing the Freakden browser bookmarklet, all you’ll need to do is find a video you want to pin to your account, click on the bookmarklet as you would with images and pin it right to your account. It’s that simple!

Method 2: Using the ‘Add Pin’ Page

If you already have an account then you probably know all about the ‘Add Pin’ page. So to post a video from Vimeo using this method all you’ll need to do are a couple simple steps.

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Vimeo Video you want to pin.

Step 2: Paste in in the ‘From Web’ area and click Fetch.

Step 3: Post or Pin it to your pinboards as usual!

Pin Vimeo Videos with Ease!

As you can see pinning a video from Vimeo is as easy as can be but as always if you do happen to run into any problems (we doubt you will), always feel free to leave us your questions.

January 5, 2015 / Freakden

Learn how to pin a YouTube video.Did you find a video on YouTube that you’d like to pin to your account? You’re in luck because today we are breaking down how to pin a YouTube video!

How can anyone not love YouTube? It’s such a great site that of course we all find videos on there we’d love to pin to our boards for viewing later — well now we can!

Lets take a look at how to pin a YouTube video on Freakden. Trust us, it’s easy.

How to Pin a YouTube Video

Okay now lets get to the good stuff. Just so you know these instructions are assuming you’ve already created a board for your videos but if not you can do some right during the pinning process, so no worries.

Step 1: Log in to your Freakden account.

Step 2: Click ‘Add Pin‘. You’ll be using the ‘From Web’ option.

Click Add a Pin Icon

Step 3: Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to pin.

Step 4: Paste the URL in the ‘From Web’ area and click fetch.


Step 5: Click the image and pin like usual! All done.

And that’s all there is to pinning a YouTube video on the Freakden. We hope this step by step guide helps make pinning videos even easier for everyone.

January 5, 2015 / Freakden

Freakden GiveawaysFrom time to time the Freakden does giveaways for our users and even those new to the community but to do so we need to lay out some rules so everything is kosher and within the appropriate guidelines.

So here we go and please don’t get too bored — we know this stuff sucks.

Freakden Giveaway Rules

  • First thing you need to know about is our Terms and Conditions and of course agree to them as every website requires.
  • Just so everyone knows, you don’t have to buy anything to participate, play, or win. Any applicable taxes are yours to cover.
  • If we post a “Tweet” or message of some sort looking for responses to a question or whatever it may be, we get to decide the best response at our sole discretion.
  • Other times we may base a contest on sharing a certain type of photo, pinning to the Freakden website or even based on what user number you are. In all those cases we also get to decide at our sole discretion or based upon the specific user number mentioned in our giveaway tweet.
  • If a giveaway happens to be based on tweets being sent to us or emails or any other form of communication — we count them as they come in to determine the winner.
  • Unfortunately due to some bad apples out there we also have to reserve the right to exclude people from the giveaway if we deem their username, profile, tweets or avatar too offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any way.
  • By entering any of our giveaways, you give us the permission to use your username to announce the winner as well as any other purposes in relation to the giveaway.
  • If you want to know who won, the winner’s name will be announced on Twitter as soon as possible. What you send us becomes ours to use for promotional activities, on the website as well as in relation to the giveaway. This does not include pins to our website. Those belong to you or the source you pinned them from.
  • If you end up one of our lucky and so damn sexy winners of these contests, we will need the proper information so we can send you your prize! Typically all we will ever need is a valid email address but we will always let this be known in advance via Twitter.
  • Anyone who is affiliated with or works for the Freakden can not enter or win any of these contests whatsoever.
  • By participating or playing in any contest we have, you are stating and agreeing to the fact that you are a legal adult, are not offended by adult entertainment and are over the age of 18 or 21 depending on your location.
  • You must be a resident and citizen of the Continental United States of America.
  • You understand that no companies, products, brands or prizes are in anyway associated with the contests or giveaways and they are not in anyway making any endorsements whatsoever.
  • And of course the infamous rule of all rules: Void where prohibited!

Okay we finally made it to the end! Thanks for hanging in there with us. Now all you need to do is follow us on Twitter and sign up for your free Freakden account so you don’t miss out on our future giveaways!

Ready to Get Freaky?

freakden-stiffy-badge-medium Follow Us!

January 2, 2015 / Freakden


We definitely agree with everyone in regards to having to deal with email confirmation after signing up sucks. So we wanted to do up a post for everyone so they know why we do it and how to avoid dealing with it.

Why Email Confirmation?

When you first signup (not using twitter or facebook) you’ll be asked to visit your email account you signed up with and click a confirmation link to activate your account. Now that sucks! Tons of social networking sites and online sites use it but it still sucks!

The reason we use it is because we don’t want spammers ruining the fun for everyone. Ideally we’d much rather not have to use it but it truly is for the best. Having email confirmation keeps the spammers and penis pill pushers away so the rest of us can play!

How to Avoid Email Confirmation?

If you just straight up hate having to deal with it, you can avoid the email confirmation all together by logging in with your twitter, tumblr, facebook or any of our social login options and because you already did an email confirmation with them you won’t need to do it again with us! Simply log in and enjoy!boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

December 31, 2014 / Freakden

Ways to Use the FreakdenWhen first coming across the Freakden community you might love the view but be unsure about all the different ways to use the site.

No worries because it’s not just super sexy around here but it’s super simple to do and tons of different ways to make the most out of it. Now lets look at the reasons you need to start using the Freakden.

Top 5 Ways to Use the Freakden!

Get ready because we’re about to list off the hottest ways to use the site and make the most out of the community here at den.

1. Save Your Porn!

Save Your Porn on Freakden!

That’s right! Why waste valuable space on your devices when you can pin and bookmark all your favorite porn pics, videos, gifs, captions and more right here for free. Upload it directly or pin it from your favorite websites and blogs.

No limits and no worrying about anyone finding that secret folder on your computer!

2. Organize Your Porn!

Organize Your Porn on Freakden

Creating pinboards is fun to do and because you can have infinite boards it makes it a great way to organize your favorite porn. For example you might create a board for your favorite models and another board for your favorite sex scenes. The end result is easy to find and organized fun!

3. Discover New Stuff!

Discover new stuff!

The Freakden is all about being yourself and enjoying your sexual interests, which means we get all sorts of hot new stuff pinned to the community everyday and you benefit by being able to search it all with ease, follow other users you enjoy or even individual boards.

Oh and get this — if another user pins something you like, you can re-pin it to your own board!

4. Upload Your Own Goodies!

Upload to Freakden

Whether you’re a couple that likes sharing your own homemade porn, a guy videotaping himself jacking off or a girl who loves to twerk — anyone can upload their own photos and videos to share with the community. Now that’s hot!

5. Interact & Join the Movement!

Interact at Freakden!

Freakden aims to make adult entertainment a fun and social environment where everyone can come together, have fun and interact without all the bullshit we all deal with on more mainstream sites.

This is a place where you can create your own profile, comment, like, follow, share and chat it up with sexy open minded people from all over the world.

Come let your freak flag fly and join in the fun! Sign Up!

December 30, 2014 / Freakden

Virgo Peridot

If you’re a fan of big booty girls or whooty girls for that matter then you’ve probably heard of Virgo Peridot but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat.

Virgo Peridot came to internet fame out of obscurity fairly quickly and all due to random booty shaking and twerking videos she had been uploading to YouTube and various other tube type sites.

Over time her following quickly grew as big ass whooty lovers from all over the globe began to flock for a glimpse of it no matter where she popped up. Needless to say once you see the amazing ass she is working with, you can clearly see why her rise to whooty fame took off so quickly. Not only does she have a big delicious bum but she knows how to work it like a true boss bitch.

Virgo Peridot Shaking it on YouTube

After years of leaving endless amounts of guys blue balling in front of their computers, she has finally decided to take things a step further for her fans and show us what she can really do with that big goddess booty.

Virgo Peridot in Panties

If you have ever fantasized about her giving you a blowjob or bouncing that booty on your lap, face, whatever — now you can actually watch her do just that and see what it would really be like after all this time.

This is Virgo Peridot like you’ve never seen her before. Prepare to have your mind blown when you visit her new hardcore site and trust me there’s a lot more than just twerking going on.

UPDATE: It looks like she no longer has her website going but we will update this post as soon as we find out where she went 🙂


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