First of all thank you for all your patience! Unfortunately freakden had to move to a whole new home but it was for the greater good of the community and it’s now back for the long haul! We just have a few minor things to finish and our community should be back to 100%. Below is a nice little breakdown of what is going on right now and what happened while we were gone.

Community Updates

1. Website Transfer: Completed

2. DMCA Requests: Completed

While we did the website transfer to a new home, we also handled 1000s of DMCA requests, so you may see some of your posts missing or even entire boards depending on the number of offenses.

From this point forward only individual posts/images/videos will be removed in cases where we receive DMCA requests but your boards will remain even if empty.

3. Fixing Missing Images: In Progress

We’re currently still transferring in some pictures and miscellaneous posts, so you might see some missing images here and there but not for long. Don’t worry, everything will be back as soon as possible, we promise 🙂

4. That’s all for now!

Find an Error or Issue on the Site?

Once again thank you all so much for sticking with us while we made this move! However if you find an error or come across an issue on the site, feel free to leave a comment in the message area below and we will get it fixed ASAP 🙂