To make things easy we’ve put together a list of all the things that you can’t post on freakden. Avoid posting anything that falls under the following categories because it will get deleted.




Adults Only: No jailbait or anything in this realm ever.

Copyright Infringement: Remember to add a link to the source area if it’s not content that you own. (TIP: Using the bookmarklet will add it for you.) If you don’t need one then don’t put anything in the source area.

Closeups: No zoomed in shots of just your asshole, spread pussy, or a random load of cum. Nobody wants to see that.

Doxxing: Posting personal info.

Extreme Bukkake or Cum Facials

Fisting & Gaping

Pets and Beastiality: No pics with animals in them whatsoever.

Politics: No political stuff allowed.

Religion: No religious themed posts.

Spam and Duplicates: Don’t post the same thing repeatedly.

Violence, Blood and Gore

Water Sports: Nothing bathroom related at all.


We will add to this list whenever it is necessary, so check back on occasion for updates or if you noticed your posts being deleted. Posting anything that’s on the list will be deleted and repeat offenders will have their board/blog or even their entire account deleted.