Pornhub is one of the most popular porn video tube sites in the world, so naturally we had to make it possible for you to post and share your favorites on Freakden. It’s really easy to do and is basically just like posting a picture on the site but let’s breakdown two ways to do it.

Post Pornhub Videos by URL (From Web)

This is the first way to share videos from Pornhub and you do it right from the freakden submit page under From Web.

Step 1: Copy the URL or Web Address of the video you want to post.

Step 1: How to Post Pornhub Videos

Step 2: Paste it in the box under From Web on the submission page and click fetch.

Step 3: Select the image that best matches the video and continue to post like usual. You’re done!

Post Pornhub Videos via Bookmarklet

This is the second method you can use to share Pornhub videos and it uses the bookmarklet, that you can add to your web browser. Learn more about it here.

Step 1: Visit the web address or URL of the video you want to post.

Step 2: Click the freakden bookmarklet in your web browser’s bookmark toolbar.

Step 3: Continue posting as you normally would and you’re done!

And that’s all there is to posting and sharing videos from Pornhub. Now get out there and start collecting your favorite videos on Freakden.