To make things easy we’ve put together a list of all the things that you can’t post on freakden and what not to do while using the website. Avoid posting anything that falls under the following categories. If you do, it will end up deleted. Repeat offenders will have their accounts limited or even deleted.




Category Selection: Choose the appropriate category for your boards/blogs. For example, if you post gay content then pick the Gay category, if you’re posting sissy content that has gay stuff in it then pick the Sissy (Gay) category.

Copyright Infringement: Remember to add a link to the source area if it’s not content that you own. (TIP: Using the bookmarklet will add it for you.) If you don’t need one then don’t put anything in the source area.

Closeups: No zoomed in shots of just your asshole, spread pussy, or a random load of cum. Nobody wants to see that.

Doxxing: No posting personal info, drivers licenses or other private details such as ID numbers or phone numbers.

Duplicate Titles: Don’t do a bunch of posts with the same exact title. If you’re posting a bunch of related/similar photos, add them all to one post. Yes, you can add more than one photo to a post! For those that want to post each one separately then at least use a different title for each.

Escort Services and Anything Related

Extreme Bukkake, Cum Facials and Spit

Fakes and Deceptive Editing

Fisting, Gaping and Spread Assholes

Flooding the Homepage: If you have more than one pic of a similar set then post it all in one post. Don’t post a bunch of content just to flood the homepage or your posts will be deleted.

Gross Content: If most people will think it’s gross then it’s gross.

Hardcore Bondage or BDSM

Image Hosting: We’re not an image hosting site. This is a social community. Any posts that contribute hardly anything to the site will be deleted. That includes posts with hardly any text, one word titles and posts with similar repetitive titles often used on image hosting sites.

Incest: Not allowed. Wtf is wrong with you?!

Pets and Bestiality: No pics with animals in them whatsoever. Go seek help instead.

Piercings: Content with a focus on body piercings is not allowed.

Pointless Content: Don’t post tiny photos, blurry pics, etc…

Politics: Don’t post anything involving politics.

Posts with No Titles: Titles with no words, just numbers, emojis etc.

Pregnancy: Nude pregnant women, milk or anything related.

Racism: Posts targeting race are not allowed.

Religion: No posts involving religion. That includes religious clothing and costumes.

Spam & Duplicates: Don’t post the same photo, content and/or title repeatedly and don’t delete posts just so you can re-post them same thing to get on the homepage. Instead publish new content if you wish to get on the homepage again.

Tags: Use tags that relate to your post and don’t add # to the front of them, it does it for you automatically after your item is published. Limit your use of hashtags to 6 or less per post.

Teen: Self explanatory. Excessive use of the term or anything similar will be deleted.

Violence, Blood, Gore, Scat, Spitting

Water Sports: Nothing bathroom related at all. Even if we see a toilet, your post could end up removed from the site.

Following these guidelines makes the community more fun, enjoyable and freaky for everyone but in a good way. We will add to this list whenever necessary, so check back on occasion for updates or if you noticed your posts being deleted.

Posting anything that’s on the list will be deleted and repeat offenders risk having their board/blog removed, account restricted or even suspended.

Also remember to keep your account active! If an account is unused for more than 2 years you risk having your content deleted.