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December 23, 2014 / Freakden

In our quest to make finding your favorite sexy content even easier we bring you our new Top Hashtags page! Now you’ll be able to easily location hot stuff faster than ever before. So if you’re the type that knows exactly what you’re looking for — you’re going to love this.

What is the Top Hashtags Page?

It’s basically an ever evolving list of the top 100 most popular categories in the community, all broken down and arranged in alphabetical order. So if you’re not in the mood for searching or browsing, you’ll be able to jump right to the adult pins you want by clicking a cool little button.

Where is It?

You can find this new page right here under the search page.

We hope this makes your adult community even more fun and efficient for everyone and as always, keep the comments and suggestions coming!

December 22, 2014 / Freakden

Welcome to the Top Hashtags page! Here you’ll be able to find exactly the type of sexy stuff you’re looking for with ease.

It’s basically like a giant index of the top hashtags that’s constantly evolving based on what what the community has been posting and sharing. We were even nice enough to put them all in alphabetical order! Follow the link below and go check it out over on the search page.

Peep the Top 100 Hashtags

Naughty Secret: Want to see yourself trending on the Top 100 Hashtags? Create as many unique pins as you can and include whatever hashtag you’d like to see trending to see if you can make it!

December 19, 2014 / Freakden

Mistress, Dominatrix or Princess?Would you consider yourself a mistress, dominatrix or even a princess? If you know why we are asking such a question than you probably do.

The reason we bring this up is because there is no better way to tease, lure and connect with more submissive men and fetish lovers than right here.

With your account you’ll be able to pin updated photos on the fly, let people know about your ‘services’ and tease them with gifs or videos or whatever else you’d like.

Wondering How They’ll Contact You?

Don’t worry we have that covered as well. We have areas in your profile where you can list all your social networking accounts, your website or blog or any link that you use to connect with.

If you use watermarks on your photos — feel free to pin them as well. You can pin anything you want to show off, organize or collect.

Want to Organize Your Pins?

Lets say you want to post certain stuff for certain types of guys. For example you want to post pictures of your feet for foot lovers and images of your cleavage for boob lovers. The last thing you want to do is mix them all together right? No problem!

What you can is create as many boards as you’d like to accomodate all your different slaves, fans and followers. So going with our example — you create a foot board and a cleavage board.

Now you can pin your stuff right on to the board of your choice so it never gets mixed up. To top it off, people can follow your individuals boards as well, so they only get the updates that will tease them the most!

As you can see there is truly no better place to promote your status as a mistress, dominatrix or princess than right here at the freakden! We didn’t even cover all the cool stuff you can do here but once you give it a try, we know you’re going to love it.

December 19, 2014 / Freakden

Top 5 Hashtags of the WeekThere has been so much naughty stuff getting pinned to the site lately but like with all things — there are always a few that stand out.

With that being said I thought it would be cool to breakdown the Top 5 Hashtags of the Week to kick off Friday properly. Lets take a look!

Top 5 Hashtags of the Week

  1. Sissy Captions
  2. SPH
  3. Cuckold
  4. Hot Wife
  5. Humiliation

There you have it everyone — the hottest hashtags of the week for you enjoyment.

It has been great to see so many people signing up and putting the site to good use, considering it has only been roughly a week or so since we launched it all. So thank you so much for that and we look forward to making this the sexiest pinboard community out there!

December 16, 2014 / Freakden

What's an Adult Pinboard site?

When first arriving at the Freak Den, you might be left wondering what an Adult Pinboard actually is. To answer your question;

It’s a frigging awesome adult community where you can collect your favorite adult pictures, videos, gifs, captions and more from all over the internet and store them all in one place!

But believe it or not, it gets even cooler than that!

Adult Pinboard Community?

The Freak Den adult pinboard community is not only a place to collect, organize and share your favorite adult fun but it’s also a place to interact with like-minded people!

You can chat it up, comment on other pins and people, follow your favorite boards, easily share across all your other social networking accounts and so much more.

Plus to make it more personalized you can fill out your own profile pages with custom avatars, cover pages, list your blogs, websites, social media accounts (twitter, facebook, pinterest etc…) and then some.

How Much Does it Cost?

Zip. Notta. Nothing. Zero. It will stay that way too!

How to Get Started?

You’ll be shocked how easy and addictive it is! Nab your free account and dive right in! Trust us, you’re going to love this place.

December 16, 2014 / Freakden

Infinite Scrolling Takeover

We recently posted about whether everyone loved pagination or infinite scroll or as some might say, manual vs auto scroll. Anyway, now that it has been a week or so going the old fashioned way, we have gone ahead and re-implemented the infinite scroll action on the site.

If you’re unsure about what the hell this even means, it just means you don’t need to click page numbers at the bottom of the pages to get to more content. Now you can just keep on scrolling on. As you move down the page, more content will auto load for you!

Feel free to share your feedback with us and let us know which feature you prefer better. So far it looks like infinite scroll is here to stay!boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

December 12, 2014 / Freakden

collectorganizepornboard-14182965238k4gnForget about those desktop folders with 1000 porn pictures, gifs and videos saved in them.

Now there’s a better way to find, collect and organize your porn without bogging your damn computer down or worse — having someone open it up by mistake. Yikes!

All you need is a free Freak Den account and you’re ready to go. The site is free and always will be, so no worries there.

Now with your account in place it’s as easy as finding porn you dig and adding or pinning it to the site, which you can do via URL, Uploading or Pinning using our bookmarklet (also free of course!).

What’s even cooler is that you can create your own Boards, so you can organize all the content the way you want it. For example you might want to collect pics of butts, so you create the board titled ‘Butts I Like’ and when you pin you can pop them right on to any board you’ve created.

The Fun Filled Process

Here’s an example of how easy it is to find, collect and organize your favorite porn on the Freak Den. It’s easier than you think and highly addictive — just so you know.


Princess Jennifer visits the Freak Den to pin images of herself and some pics of her favorite booty shakers. This is her first visit so she needs an account and everything!

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Account (Takes Seconds)

Step 2: Create a Board. She picks the name ‘Booty Shakers’ and selects the ‘Big Booty’ category to place it under.

Step 3: She visits the site the booty pics are on.

Step 4: To snatch the images she wants, she can either copy and paste the url or she can pin directly from her browser window using our bookmarklet. The bookmarklet is under the ‘Add Pin’ area of the site. Peep the image below.


Step 5: She decides after saving those booty pics, that she wants to upload some of her own images to lure in more submissive men — she can do that either by pinning from her own website or blog or she can upload them directly using the ‘Browse & Upload’ button.

Step 6: That’s all there is to it. The community so easy to use, the best way to get used to it is to jump right in. You’ll find it to be very intuitive, so you’ll catch on in no time at all. Happy Pinning!

December 9, 2014 / Freakden

In case anyone has been wondering what file types you can upload and pin to the site, we thought a quick post would be nice to clear things up.

Currently the following file types are accepted at the Freak Den:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF

Also you can pin from tube sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Simply paste the URL in the From Web area under your pin menu and click fetch or use our bookmarklet so you can snatch and pin on the fly.

We are hoping to include many more tube sites in the future as well. We will definitely keep everyone updated on the progress. In the meantime if you find that you can pin videos from an adult tube site on the Freak Den, let us know and we will email you a special gift!

Update: You can now pin adult videos right from some of your favorite tube sites! Find out more about pinning adult videos here.

December 2, 2014 / Freakden

You may have noticed that the site doesn’t have the auto-scroll feature anymore. If you loved it, no need to worry we still have it ready to put right back into service if everyone wants that.

We figured for a period of time we would test both of them in the community and let all of you decide which you prefer. The reasoning behind this is because we’ve already had a dozen or so people complain that their computers weren’t able to keep up or their smartphones had bogged a bit.

If you’re wondering what we are even talking about; we’re discussing the page navigation at the bottom of each page of the site.

Currently: Manual Action

This is the navigation system we have in place right now. It’s basically what you’d find on a tube site or blog and makes for simple navigation and it’s easy to jump around. We will keep this going for a few days to week or so to let everyone test it out.

Freak Den Navigation: Manual

If you decide you don’t like the manual navigation and preferred the auto-scroll navigation or vice verse, please let us know in the comments area. We look forward to your feedback and once we find out what the majority wants — that’s what we will stick with.boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

November 27, 2014 / Freakden

For those of you that ran into trouble, you’ll be happy to know that our search feature has been updated and is now fully functional with some added features.

Wondering what the hell, search feature we are talking about? This update was for the search bar at the top of the site and on each individual picture, pin etc…

Two Spots to Find the Search Bar

The first search bar can be found at the very top of each page. Just slide your cursor over the magnifying glass icon and search away!


The second spot you’ll find a search bar is on each individual pin’s page.


Utilizing either of the search bars, you’ll be able to search every single thing in the community. And the results page is where the magic happens.

Not only will you get to see all the results live but it will give you a breakdown of the boards they are on, how many pins and pics there are and the popular tags associated with your search.

All Fixed and Ready to Roll

We apologize to anyone who ran into problems during this update and we’d also like to give a big shout-out to user: scrantonslave, for pointing out the issue to us. Thanks again and we hope everyone enjoys your new search capabilities!

November 26, 2014 / Freakden

Though it’s not required, many of you want to Customize Your Freak Den Profile Page. I mean why wouldn’t you?!

Maybe you want to get it looking sexy, want to get it all sissified or just want to load that picture of your balls as your avatar. Regardless of your reason, let’s take a look at how easy it is to customize your profile.

Customizing Your Profile

Step 1: Login to your Freak Den Account.

Step 2: Put your cursor over the circle avatar in the top right corner (see image) and slide on down to the ‘Profile & Pins’ option.

Customize Your Profile

+ Click to Enlarge

Step 3: On the next page, scroll down and click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button (see image).

Freak Den: Edit Your Profile

+ Click to Enlarge

Step 4: Get Freaky! Fill up your profile with everything from an ‘About’ section, social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook etc…), upload your own custom avatar and even a cover image for your page to really set it off.

And that’s how you customize your profile everyone! Check back for more How-To articles in the future. Have fun!


November 23, 2014 / Freakden

It’s finally 100 percent in place and we’re looking for sexy people that want to socialize! This is our latest feature we are happy to announce and we know from the response we received, many of you will be happy to see it’s here.

Social Logins Are Now Active!

That’s right! Now if you’d rather not deal with our quick signup form, you can simply log right in with your Twitter or Facebook accounts. No need to fill out anything just log in like normal and you’re ready to start pinning, sharing and organizing like crazy!

Take a look at what we’re talking about:

Social Logins Are Now Live!

Ready to give it a try? Visit our sign up page to see how easy it is!

November 22, 2014 / Freakden

Find your favorite fetish!Don’t you just love fetishes? They turn us on like crazy, to the point where we all go through painstaking measures to find pics, videos, webcams, etc… that will go along perfectly with our desires.

The only problem is it takes a lot of frigging time searching all over the place and then when you do find some good stuff — how do you keep track and store it all?

A New Way to Indulge Your Fetishes

Well forget all of that! Why not find, share and organize all your favorites in one place and cut right to the specific areas you want to see. If you’re a cuckold, for example, you can jump right to the cuckold category and see only stuff that’s right up your alley and that applies to infinite types of fantasies and fetishes here at the Freak Den.

To top it off you can interact with those with similar interests by commenting, following, liking, re-pinning and all sorts of other stuff. All that’s left now is to find your favorite fetish category and indulge like never before.

Well that’s enough talk for now — lets all just go get freaky!

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Submit a DMCA Request

You can submit a dmca request on this page, for even faster service, you can report content right from the page itself. There is a flag icon at the top of each page on the website. Simply click the flag and report the content.

You don’t even need an account to do it. View the image below to see where to click and report the content.

You can also submit your request right on this page. Feel free to submit all dmca requests or notices using the form below. Please include all URLs in the form below for faster service.


Please complete the required fields.


DMCA Request Guide

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We will not tolerate copyright infringement whatsoever!

November 21, 2014 / Freakden

Welcome to the Freak Den

We’d like to welcome you to the Freak Den. We’re an online community of adult fantasy enthusiasts and just straight up sexy people that love to share, organize and keep track of our favorite people, hot content and other sexy things.

The site has finally launched and this is officially the first blog post ever! Awesome right?

We hope everyone enjoys the community as much as we did building it because you are the main reason we did it in the first place! Everyone deserves a fun place to hangout online so why can’t all of us naughty, kinky, open minded and sometimes even freaky people, have one? Well we do now!

Looking Towards the Future

You can look forward to all sorts of fun new things taking place around here and we will always take your suggestions to heart when it comes to any changes or additions to features currently available within the community.

When looking towards the future we hope to become the largest fantasy and fetish community on the internet but it’s only possible with your support. So we’d like to thank you all in advance for helping us making this an awesome community for everyone!


November 21, 2014 / Freakden

Anytime you try something new there is always going to be a few questions that come up. To make those questions get answered as painlessly as possible we put together this nifty FAQs page for your reference.

How Do I Create a Blog/Board?

To create a board, you’ll first want to login to your account and then click the tiny blue folder at the top right corner of your screen or just click submit and you’ll see an option to do this as well (explained more below).

Now just simply enter the title of the board you’d like and select the right category for you. Please note you can create as many boards as you’d like — so go crazy with it!

Also make sure to select a category so that your content will show up under the category sections on the site otherwise it’ll only show under your account and the general categories that show everything.

Another Way to Create It

There is another way to create a board on the fly. For example if you post from another site, while filling out the info you’ll be given the option to select a board or blog to post your content, or you can create a board there as well. Go post something and you’ll see what we mean. It’s pretty cool.

How Many Can I Create?

Create as many as you want. The only limit is your own imagination.

How Do I Post Stuff?

We’re glad you asked! To post stuff you can either click the pin button or you can utilize our bookmarklet that you can use right from your browser! You’ll find everything you need on the add/submit page.

Can I Upload Content?

You sure can! If you don’t want to pin from other sites or enter URLs you can upload your content directly by using the same pin button from the last question. Look above it’s the little blue one with the plus sign on it.

What Sites Can I Use?

You can pin, collect and organize images, pics, gifs and videos from any website or blog on the internet. So if you have a favorite site feel free to utilize it or anytime you stumble upon something you want to collect — pin it to the Freak Den! It saves space on your computer too!

That’s all for now! As the questions continue to come in, we will continue to update this page accordingly, so we all know what’s up. In the meantime if you’d like to check more How-to guides on using Freakden, please check out our blog.

If you have a question feel free to leave it in the comments area below.

November 21, 2014 / Freakden
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