Red TubeI’m sure the majority of you have heard of RedTube and their hundreds of thousands of adult videos. Why travel back and forth when you can pin your favorite videos right here on the den!

Best of all, pinning videos is easier than you can even imagine and with just a couple clicks, it’s pinned to one of your boards for viewing anytime you want right on freakden!

How to Pin RedTube Videos in 3 Steps

This is so easy even a newbie could do it. Check it out!

Step 1: Visit RedTube and click the video you want to save.

You can do this with infinite amounts of videos too. No limits!

Pin RedTube Videos Step 1

Step 2: Click your Freakden pin button aka bookmarklet.

Once you click it, this will pop up on your screen. Just click the image for the video you want and on to the final step.

Pin RedTube Videos Step 2

Step 3: Fill out your details, pin it and you’re done!

Pin RedTube Videos Step 3

Can you believe how easy it is to pin videos from Redtube? That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve pinned your video, you’ll see a confirmation and you can either go check it out here on freakden or keep browsing Redtube for more videos. Have fun pinning your favorite adult videos!