Wanting to get in on the action but wondering if what you’re into might be a bit too freaky even for the Freakden? Well lets clear that up.

First and foremost we want all open minded adults to be able to enjoy the site because after all they are what makes this place so fun to hangout at. However like with all things there must be some community standards and guidelines in place to keep it that way.

With that being said there are some things that are too freaky even for us and we do not allow to be posted or linked to anywhere on the site for the sake of everyone.

Community Guidelines

All users must abide by the follow community guidelines and standards. Don’t worry it’s nothing crazy just the stuff you would expect not to be allowed and other craziness. Anyone breaking these rules will have their accounts banned both locally and via IP Address.

What Freakden is Not For:

Anything That’s Illegal: This one is easy enough. If it’s illegal it doesn’t belong here.

Anything Harmful to Minors: Do not post, pin, transmit, link to or even mention anything to do with minors, the harm of minors or anything that’s even suggestive. This is a community pinboard for adults only!

Anything Harmful in General: Anything that involves self-harm or being harmful to others in anyway including but not limited to the promotion or suggesting of is not allowed.

Anything Religious or Political: Lets keep it completely neutral for everyone as much as possible.

Gore, Bestiality, Blood and Necrophilia: This site is about having fun and sharing sexy content — not about being nasty, gross and trying to shock people. Get your mind right and quit that crap.

Deception, Spam and Fraudulent Behavior: While you’re free to promote your own websites, blogs, social media accounts and things like that — we do not allow spamming, deceptive linking, posting the same content duplicate times or any other dishonest or disruptive behavior. No spam, bots, auto-postings and/or anything else unethical or illegal. If you do want to promote stuff, that’s cool, just make sure to contribute to the community with good titles and descriptions and not just mass spam posts.

Non-Attribution or Messing Up the Source: Always give the proper credit to the person who deserves it.

Cyber Stalking and Harassment: No one likes a weirdo stalker so please don’t use this site to try tracking, stalking or harassing anyone whatsoever.

No Bathroom Stuff, Water Sports, Super Closeups, Fisting etc: Some people may be into going to the bathroom and sharing it with the world but this is not the place for anything involving things of that nature. Also no super zoomed in ‘gape’ shots or other gross stuff like fisting, extreme anal sex related content, spitting, or anything else posted in hopes of shocking others will not be allowed for the respect of others.

In other words if the majority of super open minded people think what you’re posting is gross and wouldn’t want to glance at it — it will magically disappear off the site. You’ll notice on every pin there is an option to ‘Flag’ it. So if you see anything too offensive or gross feel free to flag the post and we will check it out.

In Conclusion

The Freakden is an adult community for people to have fun, share stuff, organize sexy content and interact. It’s not for being uncool, shocking, or gross. Other than that, feel free to post, pin or upload whatever you like and if a duplicate pops up, we’ll do our best to clear them out. So basically just keep it cool and have fun!

Well that’s all for right now but this list will be updated as we see fit or in case we happened to forget something (human error) so feel free to check back for any changes.

Remember the Freakden is about open minded adults having fun, so please respect these guidelines and everyone can be happy. We reserve the right to update these standards at anytime. Now go and get your freak on!