What Happens in Vegas Part 2 (SPH Story)

What Happens in Vegas Part 2

One other SPH incident occurred during my Vegas trip.  In my confessional, I mentioned that there were two incidents where a relationship ended before it started, due to my tiny dick, and I told one of the stories.  This is the other.

Several days after the strip club incident, the four of us were trying to pick up women in a bar.  I managed to convince one to come back to our room.  The four of us agreed to take turns using the room if more than one of us picked up someone and my turn eventually came. 

We talked some and had a couple of drinks and then decided it was time for sex.  She unzipped my jeans and I’ll never forget her statement of “What the fuck?” as she pulled out my cock.  She made it clear, though in a surprisingly conciliatory way, that my small cock was deal-breaker for her.

Size Really Does Matter 

She was, however, kind to me and told me that she felt sorry for me and would give me a pity hand job before she left.  I asked if she could subject me to SPH while she did it, and she gladly obliged.  After I came for her, she told me straight out that “while some women say otherwise to be nice, size really does matter”.  She told me that I was a great guy but unfortunately, I just wasn’t endowed enough for her and for a lot of other women she knew.

As with the strip club incident, I made up a boring story to tell my friends about what happened.

I have to say, I enjoyed my Vegas trip.  I don’t know if it was just me, but there was something about the place that made it seem like the women were more frank about sexual matters.

This picture is another urinal in Vegas.  I sometimes wonder if it’s unethical, like dishonest or something, for us pindicks to use the urinals in these pictures clearly meant for the guys with large, meaty cocks, like it’s dishonest or something.  I’m interested in your opinions, so a “yes” or a “no” in the responses would be greatly appreciated.  Especially interested in what the goddesses think.

– Mike

Great story! When it comes to the urinals they were clearly made to accommodate dicks of all sizes. So if you’re rocking a little cock then you get your ass standing in front of the middle ones only.