Learn How to Snatch Stuff with the Bookmarklet

Want to snatch up sexy stuff from around the web even faster? The freakden bookmarklet can help you do just that with a click of the mouse. All you need to do is pop it on your web browser (mozilla, internet explorer etc…) and you’re ready to go, now check out how to do it below!

Installing the Freakden Bookmarklet

  1. Visit the Submission/Add Pin Page
  2. Scroll to “Pin It Bookmarklet”
  3. Click and Hold Down on the Freakden Button
  4. Drag & Drop to the Bookmarks Toolbar on Your Browser
  5. You’re Done!

All you need to do now is anytime you’re surfing the web and see something hot just click the freakden bookmarklet button and pin it to your boards/blogs! Now go get your freak on!

Check out our more detailed guide to installing the bookmarklet on the blog.