*****Because i want you to free the Sissy Slut you know is begging to get out.... Follow the link!! ❤️ ***** When Mr. LeFlore slapped me, it was more than just a shock. He has been so careful, so courteous, so attentive to detail throughout the evening. It wasn't just the slap, it was the look in his eyes. All concern, and Any level of care had disappeared. Grabbing a handful of my spaghetti dreadlocks, he lifted me up into a sitting pose and raised my head. When our eyes met, he spit hard & directly into my face saying "Never make eye contact with me, you Asslicking cocksock"! i could literally feel my pebble sized testes shrivel and try to crawl up into my tummy. "Did you really think I was going to seduce a brainless dicklick like you?! In exactly 15 mins, I'm going to use 4 separate recorders to film you Voluntarily signing yourself over to my handling after which will begin the first 23 hours of your welcoming process". What?!! but, i thought... "You don't/can't think cumdump! Let me explain why you'll be signing all 204 pages of this agreement, flashing a thumbs up, with my cock crammed balls deep in your windpipe!".... (to be continued) Hope this was entertaining. It only gets more twisted : ) Xoxo

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