How to Setup: The Bookmarklet

The fastest and coolest way to pin stuff is by using the bookmarklet. Setting it up is a breeze and this little gadget can be used right from your browser (mozilla, chrome, internet explorer etc…).

You simply drag it to where you want it and you’re all set to pin anytime you find something sexy you want to collect on your pinboards. Lets take a look at how to get started!

How to Setup the Bookmarklet

It’s really easy to start using the bookmarklet, so much so you’ll probably be shocked. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be pinning away like crazy anytime you feel like it.

1. Click the Add a Pin Icon

Click Add a Pin Icon

2. Scroll Down to the Bookmarklet

Add a Pin Page

3. Drag It to the Top of Your Browser Window

Dragging the Bookmarklet to the Browser

It’s as easy as that! Simply drag it on up to where you want it and you’re all ready to pin like cray. If at some point you want to remove it (someone using your computer) just right-click on it to delete it and visit the Add a Pin page to add it back at anytime.

If you run into problems setting it up, just leave a message below and we will get right back to ya!