Question’s For Bisexual Males on this site.

Let me start by saying this is not me. A screen grab I took from a online porn site I was trolling today. As a form of humiliation women seem to get satisfaction out of pegging men never new this or what it was called until today. Guess I can be a little naive to. First off the guy in the picture has a realativley small cock kind of like mine. Not sure if he is hard or soft hard to tell. If he is hard I have a BWC compared to this guy lol. I did notice they he came without being touched. I have had this happen to me on a few occasions when my wife really gets into the whole SPH thing. I have never had any attraction to having sex with another male I am like each his own I know a number of gay guys and get along with them very well so no homophobic issue’s on my part. I saved the link to this video and my wife on occasion will troll porn sites with me. If I accidently clicked on this video so she saw it would she feel I was in someway wanting to have sex with a man? Kind of looks like fun for both him and her.