I have accepted the fact I have a below average small penis. I am in know way embarressed making this comment about my cock. I have been very fortunate to marry a very loving woman who while wanting to expereince pleasure is capable of causing me to lose complete control to her. We have been married going on 24 years I am 44 my wife is a stunning 42 year old. we have two kids 18 and 19 both in college. 2-1/2 years ago we had no idea what SPH was or is. She talked to one of her friends who showed how to google the acronim. We were both in agreement our sex life was getting stale but I never thought she would determine this was the way to spice it up. It was like we were having sex but just going through the motions as it was something as a married couple we had to do. She was a virgin when I married her and I had maybe two sexual encounters which were very uneventful. So one night 2 plus years ago when we were fucking she said to me you have a peanut penis and she prefered much bigger. First time she did this I was kind of hurt and did not understand where this was coming from. Since that first peanut penis comment it has progressed to the point and I am never sure when it will surface but she will become aggressively dominant and when it happens I become very submissive to her and the sex can be very wild.


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