My apology to an old school crush l would have done anything to lose my virginity to

My apology to a high school crush. A girl I would’ve done anything to lose my virginity to. As I type this I just remembered that she was more or less the first girl I ever hung out with outside of school. She was “emo/scene” at the time and she was by high school standards a 5/10 at best. My virgin vision made her a 9/10 by my own standards.

Things seemed hopeful and actually possible but I guess I started to scare her off with my clingy-ness. Still haven’t been in a real relationship with a girl at the age of 27. I have been inside five women though so I’m not suicidal over my love life thank God.

Below is my apology to her.


Dear Hannah,

I realize that was not cool of me to send you unsolicited dick pics that one time a year or two ago. I was spun out on Adderall and horny af. I figured I’d finally send you a picture of it. since I stopped having a crush on you in 2012. I had no anxiety about you seeing my pathetic little pussy tickler.

I was way too afraid to ever tell you I wanted to have sex when we’d hang out and then until I was 19. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on anything special except for me making a hilariously pitiful attempt at trying not to cum on your leg before I even make it inside your pussy. sincerely apologize for how much of a loser I was in high school.

Sincerely, Kev