Don’t you wish your boring wife was fun and sexy like me.

Application to serve


  • How much can you tribute?


  • How will you serve me?


  • What are you hoping to get by serving me?


  • Your experience, age, name and some general information about yourself.


  • A photo of yourself with my name-

  This does not need to include your face this can just be written on your body.


  • Email Address:


  • Gender: 


  • City: 


  • Why should I consider you?:  


  • What do you hope to gain from this relationship?: 


  • What can you offer Me per week?: (my minimum weekly amount is (150-350)


  • Extra points towards you if you tribute first, more than likely if you don’t tribute I will just dismiss your application.


The best way to get my attention is for you to send me what’s in your bank, the only way to keep my attention is to send me what’s in your wallet. The only thing that I want to see. Linked tree links-