Welcome to the goddess temple of ishtar. Where your submission and sissification fuels my goddess energy and feeds my luxury. At 23, I am the embodiment of sensuality and power, residing in the lavish Beverly Hills where my every desire is fulfilled. My opulent lifestyle is a testament to the unwavering devotion of my loyal sissy cashcows, who eagerly surrender their finances to please me. With a captivating sensual presence and an extreme appetite for micro managing weak males, I command and demand respect and adoration from you. You will kneel before my feet. Enter my realm of financial domination, where your servitude fuels my greed, hedonism, and self indulgence and your submission is rewarded with the ultimate pleasure of being my loyal follower. Are you ready to bow down and become one of my devoted cashcows? Message me and we'll see 💋👠🐮🌙

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