Just recently found this site so I thought I would sign up and give it a try. I'm 25 years young, I'm a pretty nice/laid back kind of guy and to get to the point I'm also very horny and kinky. One of my favorite things to do is take a few Adderall and wait for it to do it's job. After a few hours of waiting I get pretty small due to lack of blood flow. Normally I'm 5.5 inches so about average size. When the Adderall kicks in it shrinks about 2.5-3.5 inches. Honestly I love how small it gets, I love to play with it when it's small, I do like to show it off for some reason it just really turns me on and I get pretty small that I'm able to fit into some panties. I will post some of my Adderall dick and some of my dick when I'm sober. I just love to be nude, love to be kinky and love to show off. It may not be normal for a guy to do all this stuff but honestly I don't care I enjoy doing it and don't mind showing it off. I see a lot of girls on other sites posting nudes or half nudes. Hell I see them selling their nudes a lot lately. That's too much for me but I don't mind showing off and seeing what kind of girls like it. I just really like being nude, I enjoy it when I'm small, taking nudes/videos and just having some fun. I've had this thought a lot and I'm sure I am not the only one. "Is it weird or hot when I guy takes nudes?" I personally don't think it's weird a person will do what a person wants to do. If guys take nudes like girls then that should be okay. Any who enjoy my page;)


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