Trans woman who is also a sissy and longing to be owned, loved, controlled, and broken by the Dominant I will end up serving for the rest of my life. For me, D/s is waaaaay more than just what happens in the bedroom. While I post pictures and things, I'm also demisexual and don't really do hookups because they don't do much for me. Looking for a relationship. Dirty talk is fun though. Touch of the tism, mental illness (treated with medication and therapy) Sober because I can't drink or do drugs safely. I don't care if You do as long as You don't try to make me do it. Currently in school working on BSN and RN at the same time because apparently I needed more abuse and stress. 😂🤣😅 I have a *lot* of kinks. I don't expect all of them to be shared because that's a lot of puzzle pieces that perfectly fit together. Though it would be nice to have more in common along these lines than less. That being said *some* of my kinks are (because I'm sure I'll forget several/many) Humiliation, degradation, sissification (obvs), gentle FemmeDomme/Dominance (non gendered), emotional masochist, eye contact restrictions, diapers, exposure, cum, boot worship, foot worship (for femmes. Sorry masc people. LoL), body writing, 24/7, cages, I'm sure lots more. So yea. That's me! Enjoy! Reach out to me on Twitter if You want.

My Pics


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