I love dressing up like a little girl. I like to look cute and super feminine but still be seen as a little sissy Beta boy. Here I am in my pretty pink dress with ruffled sleeves and little pleats. I love my I dress up in pretty matching bra and panties, slip on a petticoat and super cutesy, flirty pink dress with polka dots. Then I slide on white, lacy leggings and strap on my fav ultra girly, hot pink, flat t-strap sandals. I top it all with a bimbo blonde wig and adorable pink bow head band. Now that I look absolutely girly and sissy-like, I get the craving to be humiliated and step outside to pose for some pics. I get a rush at the thought of potentially being seen. I beg for and crave it. I love being laughed at and made fun of by women. I’m a SiSsy GirLy Boi.

Sexy Feet

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