Hey there everybody! I'm always bad at starting these things...but here goes... I'm Daniel. :) I'm a 26yr old bisexual, white, panty boy living here in Lamont, CA! I love looking at all various yummy pics on this site...and I absolutely love taking and sharing all different kinds of naughty, kinky, embarrassing, and humiliating pics... *blush* I would definitely love to take pic requests too... The number one things that make my little 2" baby clitty get all stiff in my pants and panties are... Other pantyboys, CD's, and TS's who love to expose their little panty covered clits as much as I do...feel free to hit me up if any of you want to chat or take pics for one another!(Snapchat or texting? Hehe) SPH, Forced Feminization, CFNM, light BDSM, Pantsing and being "forcibly" exposed...and really just different types of humiliation and embarrassment stuff...mainly revolving around a mix of Feminization, SPH, and CFNM... The thought of having a girl of any age (of course 18+!) pull my pants down around my ankles when I'm not expecting little panty covered baby clitty suddenly exposed to her...she laughs and says humiliating things to me about my little panty covered baby clitty...eventually pulling my panties down around my ankles too...forcing me to walk around with pants and panties around my ankles still with my little 2" stiff baby clitty exposed to her as she laughs and occasionally tickles my baby clitty and balls with a finger, making it twitch like crazy...or humiliate me further by using a finger or two and slap, slap, slapping my baby clitty to make me squirm and whimper and blush deeply... >_> (It's a thought about often little baby clitty is twitching like crazy in my panties right now just from imagining it all again as I typed that out..) Anyways...*blush* at this point, I'm sure all you fellow naughty and kinky boys and girls can gather what makes my little baby clitty twitch and leak in my panties like again boys and girls and girls, if ANY of you ever wants to chat, take and swap pics for one another, or you have any pic requests you want me to take for you, then please shoot me a message! ;) I love making new friends! Especially like minded, naughty, kinky friends! Hehe. ((Also, if you have Snapchat, feel free to add me.. ; ) My SN is..... Tinybabyclitty))


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