Hello 🙂 I’m Lauren! Also known as Kaitycumcake on Pornhub. Just some total cock obsessed slut from Adelaide, South Australia. Been dressing since 2012-2013 until I was tricked into exposing myself by some strangers on the internet. Now all my life is spent dressing as a girl, sucking big cock, being fucked and used by strangers i meet on grindr, and exposing myself for the cumslut I am. I have no other life goals or ambitions. I’m extremely submissive around men and I will do literally anything for them if I’m horny enough. My dream is to be the center of attention in a 30+ guy bangbang in a filthy piss soaked public toilet while I’m photographed and recorded by all the guys there so they can post me everywhere. There are a lot of videos of me online which are a little embarrassing to look back on, but they are out of my control now. Just Google Kaitycumcake and you’ll find me. I love it. I’d love to become a fully transitioned girl one day, but I like my dick too much.


Me :)

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