I was always the top when it came to sex, but after meeting my boyfriend, my whole world was turned upside down. Shorter and more fem than me, I just assumed he was a bottom. When we first got to the bedroom, he brought out a chastity cage and after a bit of convincing I agreed to try it on, just for fun. Once I was locked in, he admitted that he was a total top and wanted to fuck me. What started as an occasional kink in private, quickly led to going to the saunas on “no-towel night” so he could parade me around before putting me in a sling to fuck me with an audience. Pretty soon he stopped unlocking me in between fucks, and before I knew it I’d been caged for a month. Fast forward one year and I now not only solely bottom but also only cum while being fucked, usually hands-free and caged. He loves surprising me with smaller cages to fit my shrinking sissy clit, while also getting me bigger and bigger dildos to stretch out my pussy. Looking at us most people still assume that I’m the top. If only they knew about the new micro cage he put me in this morning, or the plug he slid into me before I left for work.. == Results from == 100% Submissive 98% Degradee 97% Exhibitionist 97% Brat 86% Rope bunny 81% Boy/Girl 78% Slave 75% Voyeur 75% Masochist 57% Experimentalist


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