What Going Out on Saturday Night is for Marky

I have come to love getting all dolled up and cute. I adore my dress up time and doing my makeup and learning to become even better at it. My outfits are starting to look even more girly and put together. Here I am posing in a public parking lot with people nearby and cars driving by.

I chose white satin thong panties with pink heart polkadots and pink bows on the waist in front and naughty bows down the back seemingly holding the left and right halves of the thong together. They are totes adorbs and hawt with scalloped ruffled edges and hems. I have on a pretty, “virginal” white lace padded bra to help accentuate my bust under the cutest, white a pink gingham print jumper dress. The dress instantly makes me feel 100x girlier just by simply slipping it on. As for sissy girly footwear, it was an easy choice: my cute Torrid fishermen platform sandals and ruffled lace ankle socks to really make me feel totally effeminate and sissified. Add my light, white button up sweater to make me look really girly. Now that I had picked the perfect outfit to fit my true self, it was time to do my makeup and wig.

For the makeup, I went with light powder foundation, a light bronze powder compact and then some pink blush on the cheeks, a matching pink eyeshadow, a light swipe of a peachy, blush under the eyes and then a deep purple eyeliner and some mascara. Rounding out the look was a deep pink lipstick and of course, some pink lipgloss. The wig was easy with two rainbow color, star shaped hair clips for the front and two adorably little girl-style pink ribbon bow hair clips on each side.

This is the real Mark…the true sissified and emasculated beta sissy faggot fairy. I accept it, NEED it, WANT it and AM it.