What a beta male is explained by one

What is a beta male? For our sake, a beta male is usually someone with a small penis and lets this bother them and fester with them.  This causes them to feel shy and inadequate around women and other men who appear confident and cocky. A beta male is the type of submissive who is submissive because it is all he deserves. He may have a desire to be useful and to be of service, but it does not drive his submission.  His submission is driven by a desire to be humiliated and to be used (different then useful).

A beta male does not deserve to have relationships with women in which normal sexual activities take place. Nor does he desire it.  In fact, if a beta male ends up in that type of relationship he often subconsciously sabotages the relationship because he feels it is too good for him. Most beta males do not have meaningful relationships or friendships.  They often are forgettable and unnoticed in social settings.

Over time if beta males learn and accept their place, it is possible for them to live a happy and satisfied life. To do this, they must take the following steps:

1. The only relationship that works for a beta male is a cuckold relationship in which the female partner has a lover(s) who can please her sexually.

2. Beta males should only cum to waste their sperm, never to reproduce.  Most beta males are porn addicted as they use porn to replace real relationships.  Porn addictions are actually helpful for beta males during their training.  The constant masturbation decreases sensitivity and sometimes causes issues like erectile dysfunction.  Over time, beta males are unable to have sex with women even if they wanted to due to these factors and their addiction to porn. Once trained as a beta submissive, this makes it easier to control betas.

3. Beta males should learn to love the taste of cum, first their own, then the cum of their wife’s lovers and finally the cum of all other men. The ultimate goal of betas is to be a cum dumpster

4. A beta male must learn to worship all women, but to respect them always. The only time a beta male should see a naked women is if they are cleaning their wife after she has sex. While it is expected for betas to watch lots of porn, they should never watch porn with naked women in it. They do not deserve to see a women naked.

5. Beta males should also learn to admire real men and their cocks. It takes a real man to please a women sexually, they should be respected for this. Because of this, real men should not be bothered with things like laundry and housecleaning. This is the beta male’s job to do while the real man is out with your wife or girlfriend.