Viral Star Denver Shoemaker flashes panties for Tici and Amanda

I can’t deny my love of panties, so why even try?! Hey everyone, it’s the feminized fairy, Denver Shoemaker, back to share more of my naughty fun with all of you. This time it’s all about how much I love wearing pretty undies and shaving my pussy hair into a cute landing strip right above my clitty. Panties feel so much better that way!

I’ve literally become so feminized that I hardly wear guy’s underwear anymore at all. I’m trying to be the real me, a sissy fairy gurl, and only wear appropriate undergarments. That’s why I like totally had to get the smallest g-strings I could find. As I blossom into me true self, nothing excites me like big throbbing dicks and wearing the tiniest thong panties everywhere I go.

In fact, I got so excited about coming out, that I just had to flash my panties to Tici and Amanda, so they can see how serious I am about this. Sorry Hastings and Buntings but this sissy fairy has sprouted her wings, popped on her panties for good, and now I’m ready to fly!

Guess they’re all gonna have to get used to knowing I have a cute little shaved down landing strip of pubic hair above my clitty with pretty panties on top.

– Denver Shoemaker