Trying to Fight My Sissy Ways

I have been trying to fight my sissy ways but the draw is so strong. It all started when I dated a bi girl and she liked roleplay. The first time was really hard for me but very quickly I found it excited me and feeling and tastes textures smells and feel was so different of all things that I’ve tried.

Soon we played regularly together privately, it was amazing and her help made me look and feel more feminine. This was all until she blurted out to her friends about what she had been doing with me.

All of a sudden they pushed me to going out with them to clubs and bars they went as a fem sissy! I did it to keep the peace but it was so different to be out wearing women’s clothes. Needless to say the drinks flew down and they egged me on when I was feeling it, to go flirt with the guys.

I found the attention was nice and made me feel sexy. I really got excited when I was getting guys offering to buy me drinks and were hitting on me.

After all this my girlfriend split with me and left me lost about what I have become!