The Ocean City Clitty is Revealed as Denver Shoemaker

Years ago, I used to think I was a real man with a real dick but now I realize I’m just a slutty sissy chick with a clitty dick. One day I thought, “Like, Denver Shoemaker, why are you trying to have sex with girls when you don’t have a big dick?”

From that moment forward I was all like, “Mistress Mommy Tici Hastings probably thought she had a boy but looks like I was a sissy girl after all!” That made perfect sense to me because I instantly remembered back to when I used to steal her bras and panties then prance around all proud like a dick taking ditsy bitch.

Fast forward to the present, now I live the pussy free life and I’m still a virgin after all these years! Hopefully soon I’ll lose my virginity by taking a nice deep fucking from a big horny cock, right in my tight pink butt-pussy! Wish me luck!


Denver Shoemaker