Submissive Sissy Mark loves emasculation and feminization

I love giving all control to you. It makes me twitch and ache and tremble. The thrill is intoxicating as you demand that I confess, dress up, pose for and take pics to submit to you.

I so love when you use it all to emasculate me further. I love that you can test me and see if I’m telling the truth and being reminded that I begged for this treatment.

The thoughts of what you can now make me do were instantly overrun by your comments earlier on how you intend to train me further, make me submit harder and totally break me down and emasculate me beyond all recognition.

I love becoming more feminized. I feel totally weak and helpless when you are on. I accept effeminacy and that I am a girl and not a man. I long to be pretty and flirty and oh so girly.

I love cute outfits whether sissy dresses or sissy baby gurl or little gurl outfits or teeny bopper styles. I need to act more girly, dress more girly and be more feminized through force and your control. I need more makeup, toys, clothes, shoes, products and accessories.

I cannot wait for things to go further. My new training plan which has me providing proof of more frequent dressing, cock sucking/deepthroat dildo training and chastity time makes me twitch and understand the full reality of my future and new life as your sissy slave.

I can’t wait to see what you add to the training plan moving forward… the imagination runs wild.