Sissy Madison Dressed like a Little Girl

When it comes to total emasculation there is nothing more humiliating than putting on either one of those ultra ruffly and really frilly, lacy, satin sissy dresses and a petticoat and tights. BUT being dressed like a little gurl in a cute Peter Pan collar dress and tights is much more humiliating for me.

Let me describe this outfit like a total feminized little sissy. Like hi everyone… It’s me Little girl Madison and I am wearing some white opaque tights, some ruffled lace ankle socks with a little embroidered heart detail, white satin panties with light pink heart print and cute little bows on my little behind and scalloped ruffled hem, a light blue chiffon dress with adorable white heart print, a cute little sweater lacy white bra underneath it all and of course a headband with a white bow. 

Oh and the best part! I’ve paired it all with some clearer Melissa jelly sandals! I love my sissy training. I love that I have come to terms and accepted that I want to be feminine and sissified for life. I also know that that means I will be serving men and probably calling them daddy based on this little outfit. My masculinity is gone. My name is Mark and I am now Sissy Madison and I accept this as my reality and future.