Performing oral sex on a hung stud starring Denver Shoemaker

Now that I’m living as Sissy Denver Shoemaker instead of my gross former self, I’ve found that performing oral sex is like totally super hot and I can’t get enough of it.

This photo is of me one night after having drinks on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. This guy had been checking out my big boobies and ass when I’d go wiggling past him. I’d hoped he’d be willing and luckily he was.

After telling me he just wanted his cock sucked, I was happy to oblige. I’ve never gotten pussy in real life so being able to use my mouth like one for a real man felt like such a privilege. I totally almost creamed my own sissy panties when he started grunting just as he was about to cum in my mouth and all over my face.

Hopefully sissy amanda bunting and mistress mommy tici hastings don’t find out how much of a cock sucker I am now because I just know they’d humiliate me. Nothing will stop me though. Now that I’ve given a blowjob to a real man, I can’t stop craving more man meat pumping into my mouth.

Maybe my sissy bussy is next? Mm!