Ocean City Thong Bikini Time with Denver Tici Shoemaker

It’s Denver Tici Shoemaker rocking my tiny thong bikini and like so ready for the summer beach season. I’ve already hit the boardwalk once, because I just like had to go show off my bikini bod and girly buns for all the hot guys. With summer around the corner, I’m going to be doing a lot more of that and then some.

Any guys that will be in the Ocean City, MD area this summer, need to keep an eye out for me. I’d love to have some guys come pose for sexy selfies with me out on the boardwalk or even spank my cheeks!

If you don’t see me on the boardwalk then check the beach and you’re more than welcome to oil up my thong buns. I’ll have them sticking up in the sun just wishing one of you were slipping your big dick in between them.

– Denver “Tici” Shoemaker