My PussyFree Awakening! Plus art work! ^.^

This… Awaken something in me. For the longest time i can remember humiliation has always been my go kink having said that there are still things that i have keep at bay. For a long time i have always been self conscious about my sex life (Or body count as the zoomers are calling it) buuuuut due to some events that have happen over the past year and a half or so i have discovered the humiliation of being (PussyFree) And now after some time i have to be honest…. It is the most fucking amazing type of humiliation i have experience. So by all means if anyone out there would like to tease or embarrass me some how. Please feel free to tell me that the only thing shorter then my dick is my body count O.O Art work buy the amazing and incredible ThaisMotosuwa!