More Proof why Mark Accepts Perma Sissification

Yep that’s me Mark… Wearing a cute romper and cute sandals and Accessories and some make up. I have a tiny dick and cannot please women sexually. I loved the thrill of wearing women’s clothes but not because I wanted to be a woman but because I wanted to be humiliated by women and laughed out by them. I got rejected so many times so I just gave up and accepted that I will forever be intimate with a woman. As a spiral down that rabbit hole of sissification I found the thrill of being humiliated exciting and I accepted that I am submissive. Once those two linked my sexual pleasure comes from exposure and humiliation. It comes from accepting that I will never be a man and that there is no turning back from here. Being owned and controlled by a dominant woman, Goddess Jennifer of, is a thrill. Knowing that I must obey and do as I am told including further forced feminization and conditioning is so hawt. It has become sex for me. Knowing that she took advantage of a vulnerable and weak submissive bitch like me is so intoxicating and yet beyond humiliating. I fell right into her trap unknowingly. She planned my training before I even knew it.