Marriage Rules for New Husbands: Oral Servitude and Ass Worship

  1. Consider orally serving a woman a privilege and honor.
  2. Always be ready, eager and willing to serve her orally in any way and as much as she likes, at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances. 
  3. Consider Cunnilingus and analingus as the basic and natural form of having sex with a woman.
  4. Never expect anything in return, let alone demand any sexual favours in return.
  5. Absolutely never and under no circumstances ejaculate without her explicit permission. Do not masturbate or play with yourself while serving her orally, unless she wants you to.
  6. Whenever you think about losing control, beg her to help you, i.e. with some harsh testicle treatment in order to immediately abort your urge to ejaculate and cool you down. It is YOUR duty to signal it to her early enough to avoid unpermitted ejaculation. 
  7. Whenever allowed the privilege to ejaculate always instantly and automatically lick up every drop of your own cum, no matter where it has ended up. Should you have been granted the utmost privilege of being allowed to ejaculate inside her body (vaginal or anal), ensure that every trace of your cum is again being instantly removed from her body by sucking and licking her vagina or anus with utmost respect, devotion and gratitude until she has been perfectly cleaned again from your mess. An excellent way for you to do so is to offer her your face to sit on, however always do it the way she likes it best.  
  8. Always express utmost and humble respect when serving a woman orally, i.e. any form of oral service is always performed with you being fully naked, kneeling in front of her ready to serve, even if you are only required to tongue clean the soles of her shoes or kiss her anus ! 
  9. Never touch her with your hands and always keep your hands firmly behind your back at all times while serving her orally, unless instructed by her to use your hands in any other way.
  10. Always follow her wishes and instructions promptly and eagerly no matter how much discomfort or humiliation it may cause you and never stop until she tells you to, pushes you away or simply gets off you.
  11. Always be prepared to eagerly drink and swallow any form of vaginal discharge, slime, sweat, juices, menstruation, semen and of course her urine. Always lick her properly clean after she has climaxed and thank her for the privilege with a deep, passionate and memorable anal French kiss.
  12. Consider it a gentleman’s duty to offer her your mouth as ladies toilet at any time. Always assume the necessary position, which allows her maximum ease and comfort and enables you to swallow every drop, i.e. without causing any mess. Learn to swallow continuously and efficiently, allowing her to use your mouth freely without any restrictions or inhibitions. Always lick her clean after she has used you and thank her afterwards.
  13. Equally when tongue serving her anally, be prepared to tongue clean her anus AND rectum properly from any sort of dirt. Always ask for permission to wash your mouth after tongue serving her anally, should you be required to perform further oral services for her. Otherwise of course be proud to taste her anal flavor in your mouth for as long as possible.
  14. The presence of other women does not change any of the above rules, i.e. when required to serve her you perform with equal eagerness and passion, strip fully naked and kneel in front of her, willingly enduring the humiliation it may cause you being exposed, paraded or shown off in front of other women.
  15. Accept the right of your lady to always offer your oral services as well to other women. Always obey her and serve any other lady given to with utmost respect and devotion in any way required, no matter whether you like her looks or not and accept the humiliation as a proof of your love for your lady and a proof of your respect and adoration for the female sex.