Love Being Humiliated About My Small Dick

I love being made fun of for having a small dick and in fact all four girls I’ve been with said I was small and didn’t even wanna have sex.

They would make me go to the bathroom and jack off instead. I wasn’t even allowed to sleep in the room when they were horny because they would please themselves and I wasn’t allowed to watch or listen.

It even got to the point that they would make me jack off while they recorded it on my phone and sent it to everyone in my contacts including my sister and other family members and she even got into my facebook and would post stuff about me!

Sometimes one would make me leave my phone home while I was at work all day so she could pretend to be me writing all types of dirty texts and pics of me naked!

Now all my friends and family think I’m fucked up in the head plus over the years of them not letting me cum I’ve grown to realize small pee pees don’t deserve to cum.