krissie being a sissy puppet

It was a fantastic nite as a #pantyhosesissy ! i was waiting on my date in the Hooters casino. I was sitting at the front and Sabrina was my Hootie. I talked with Kaitlyn and she took both of my remotes🎮 and gave them to other Hooties. I was controlled for over a yummy hour.


The girls randomly turned on and changed the settings of both toys. The combination of my #Bvibe⚡️🔌⚡️deep inside me throbbing my spine and the panty vibe shaking my tuck made me a quivering mess. Kaitlyn told me that EVERYONE in the Hooters had controlled my remote. Every time Sabrina came to check on me someone turned me on and I could barely talk except to say “a… one p..p…please” as my body shook.‍♀️


i drank a lot of shots🍹 and was chatting with the girls until my date told me to meet in my room. I got this pic with Kaitlyn holding the remotes to me. It was wonderful being a remote controlled toy for everyone. It made me fully ready for my date!!!


Sabrina took this pic of me and the girls with Kaitlyn holding my remote controls 🎮. I just LOVE being a Hootie 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️!!