I am a sissy through and through

My name is Mark and I admit and accept fully that I have never been a man. I have always been a complete and utter sissy. I was just hiding behind a false façade. The real me was pretending to be a man and to be masculine. Clearly when I dress in a cute dress and ruffled ankle socks and put on my very own pair of black patent shiny Mary Jane shoes and a little make up the true Me shines. There is no way to deny it. 

I want to be girly all the time. I want to become more and more demure and feminine. I really need the training and conditioning to continue. I can already see how my posture and my posing for pictures has become more feminine. The way I think and how I look at women has changed. When I see pretty women I no longer think about them sexually. I am actually kind of jealous. I want to be as pretty as them. I want to have pretty smooth shaved legs, and pretty pedicured toes and feet. I want to have nice tight ass and taut tummy. I want to learn how to do my make up and style a wig. I even have begun to want to have nice soft breasts to fill in my bras and cute tops and dresses. I also at the same time one to feel the total emasculation of still being seen as a sissy boy. Since I am a weak little better I do need to be forced feminized. While I accept feminization there still remai the walls that I thought were in place to protect me from going further. The conditioning from mistress has made me realize that I need her firm hand and training to be the best sissy slut.

Now that I have given mistress control and power over me, my resistance is futile. I have no choice but to obey and do as I am told which in turn will break down the remaining walls. I will really become the totally sissified and effeminate girly sissy that I have always been hiding.