Enjoying the great outdoors and farts

I tried enjoying the great outdoors like a normal person but I am such a gooner that I started staring at this girl’s ass in her spandex pants. Sitting right behind her gave me an awesome view and she kept poking her ass cheeks out further. I leaned in to look thinking I could see her thong only to get called out and farted on.

She looked down at me and asked, “Are you having fun staring at my ass?” I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled and then she ripped the hugest fart right in my face in response.

I started coughing and gagging but she kept blasting them out before she walked away. She even called me a perverted loser bitch as she left. The humiliation still hurts. If only I could enjoy the great outdoors like a normal human instead of a perverted gooner.