Denver Tici Shoemaker bra and panty shopping at Walmart

It’s your trans sissy girl, Denver Shoemaker back out on the town shopping for bras and pretty panties at Walmart. So like with my new feminine physique (which totally matches my tiny girly clitty penis) I just can’t seem to get enough cute lingerie.

My feminized body, bouncy boobs and jiggly girly butt cheeks just love the feel of all these bras and panties against them. I couldn’t believe all the cute stuff I was finding there that day. Just peep the adorable blue bra with the matching panties in the pics above. Like totes cutie.

Lingerie Makes Denver Shoemaker Get Wet for Cock

The only problem I had was that I started getting too worked up in there playing with all the frilly things while in my tiny booty shorts. They were rubbing my clitty and bussy the entire time! That made me start thinking naughty sissy thoughts too.

There’s totally like something about pretty lingerie that makes me get so damn horny. I feel like such a naughty sissy girl that I want to hop right on the first big cock I see.

I love going out lingerie shopping but I get so turned on every time I do it that I almost sissygasm right there in front of everyone but it won’t stop me from doing it again!

– Denver Tici Shoemaker