Denver Shoemaker twerks booty for black daddy dick

I’m Denver Shoemaker and now that I’ve come out as a trans sissy bitch, it seems like my booty has been craving endless dicks! I got so lucky though because just as my cravings kicked in I found a black daddy and now he even shares me with his friends.

This photo is from one of the nights they had me twerking my transgender sissy ass for them while they rubbed it up and down, jiggled it and spanked me like a slutty stripper. Tyrone knows that rubbing up and down my booty crack makes my bussy start craving cock plus it makes me moan like a total sissy fairy bitch. That’s exactly what ended up happening too.

Twerking While They’re Jerking

I was moaning like a horny sissy whore while I was shaking my booty for them and twerking my ass while Tyrone and his friends kicked back jerking their rock hard black cocks. Just seeing their black cock shafts and those nut sacks hanging out made my mouth and pussy hungry for them.

His friend Lebron motioned for me to come his way and said to squat down and twerk over his dick. Like a good beta bitch I did as I was told and started jiggling my ass around over his crotch like I was giving a lap dance.

Denver Shoemaker Gets His Bussy Stretched

That was when I felt his raging hard did rubbing up and down my ass crack. Next I felt my spandex leotard being pulled over to the side as he started sliding me down on his big throbbing meat rod. I looked to Tyrone for approval because he’s my daddy and he nodded his head.

I could feel my bussy getting stretched as Lebron pumped me up and down on his boner until when I looked down I could see his balls between my thighs. Realizing I was balls deep on his dick made my butt pussy clench around his cock.

Although I tried, I couldn’t keep from moaning and whimpering like a slutty sissy fairy. Tyrone decided I was doing a bit too much of that and got in front of me, stuffing his big dick into my mouth.

Sissy Piggy in the Middle

They were literally bouncing me back and forth between their cocks. Lebron would push me forward and I’d gag on Tyrone’s dick and then he’d push me back toward Lebron and he’d impale my pussy ass balls deep. They were ramming me back and forth so much that you could hear my muffled gagging and me squealing like a pig as I took both their boners like a human sex doll. They were spit-roasting me like a piggy!

It didn’t take long before I was naturally bouncing myself between the two trying to get myself off. The harder Lebron pumped my sissy pussy, the more my shriveled up little thin sissy clit dick would twitch and leak cummies. I could feel myself getting closer and moaning with Tyrone’s big cock in my mouth.

Wanna Cum, Bitch?

Big Daddy Ty yanked his cock outta my mouth and slapped it all over my face, “You wanna cum for us ya little pussy ass bitch?!”

I looked up at him biting my lip and moaned out, “Yes, Daddy!”

“Just what I wanted to hear, Bitch!” Give it to him!”

As soon as Tyrone said that, Lebron grabbed a hold of me and started pounding up into me with his stiff dick. I instantly started yelling out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as I felt myself inching towards cumming in my little naughty spandex leotard. Without even touching my little cocklette he was fucking the my sissy cum out of me.

Lebron reached around and yanked my leotard over revealing my little sissy stiffy! He yanked my hair back so I was facing Tyrone, only for me to notice he was recording me getting pounded. “Cum for us, Bitch,” Tyrone said while stroking his dick in one hand and filming with the other.

I felt so humiliated but I couldn’t stop myself. My sissy pussy and clit were at the point of no return. This sissy bitch started squealing and moaning looking right into the camera as my exposed little clitty started spurting out all over the place. I was cumming on a man’s cock!!

They were laughing like crazy knowing they owned my ass at that point. Now they had proof that when I’m getting fucked in my ass like it’s a pussy that it makes me cum like a little bitch. I’d never be able to deny it ever again!

Like a Total Cum Dump for Black Dick

Lebron pushed me off his cock and left me on the floor moaning. I was in a completely cock drunk sissy haze when I heard one of them say, “Dropping loads!”

I looked up and they were both standing over top of me spraying me with their cum as I just laid their like a used up sissy fuck doll. Completely dominated, owned and used as their personal cum dump.

The sound of them stroking their loads outta those raging hard wet cocks is still rattling around in my head making me almost cream my panties again while sharing this story with all of you.