Denver Shoemaker sucked off an older man

It’s your tranny girl, Denver Shoemaker, back and acting sluttier than ever. So like Daddy Tyrone has been busy working on his music career and I’ve been feeling awfully slutty lately, so like I had to go out and show off.

Tyrone told me that he didn’t mind if I hooked up with other people as long as they were always men. Well like duh! I’m only into guys and their cocks so this was perfect for me. I’ve never gotten any pussy and never will.

Denver Shoemaker Showing Off

Anyway so like I’m out strutting around in my naughty animal print bikini with tearaway bottoms and I stopped for a few drinks at a bar on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

It didn’t take long before an older black boy approached me and started buying me drinks. I love it when guys hit on me and try to get into my sissy panties so I didn’t mind the attention at all.

After a few drinks and me grinding on his crotch to a couple songs at the bar, he invited me to come back to his hotel room. I was already feeling tipsy and super frigging horny so I said like totes let’s go!

Back at the Hotel

His room was really nice and when we got there he told me to relax while he fired up a blunt. He was sitting on the couch and started patting the pillow next to him, motioning for me to sit down.

I wiggled my little buns by him and sat down. He passed me the blunt and asked if I liked to smoke. Already feeling in the mood for some fun, I took a big hit of it. He told me he thought I looked good sucking  on a big fat blunt.

The comment made me kinda blush as I passed it back to him. That was when I noticed he was rubbing his hand over his bulge. He must have noticed me looking because he asked me if wanted to see it.

Sissy Clitty Loses Control

Omg my little toothpick thin clitty dicklette started throbbing and twitching in my bikini bottoms hearing him ask me that. All I could spit out was, “Sure! Let me see!”

He smirked and said, “Well if you wanna see it you need to get up on them knees, lean over here and take a good look when I pull it out.”

I crawled on to the couch, got on my knees and leaned forward looking down at his cock bulge. The sound of his zipper excited me and as he was hauling out that black dick, I felt his other hand reach over and start rubbing my ass cheeks.

My clit dripped feeling those strong manly hands gripping, squeezing and slapping my ass cheeks. Then he pulled out his huge black boner and an enormous set of balls. “Denver you like what you see? Wanna give it a taste?”

That inner sissy cock slut was not gonna be able to say no. His long thick boner was pointing right at my face while he stroked it. I leaned forward and start flicking my tongue against his tip.

“That’s a good girl! Now take that dick in your mouth like a good girl,” he said pushing down on the back of my head. I could barely wrap my mouth around that beefy dick and while I was struggling to, I realized I was bent over with my ass bussy sticking up in the air.

Suck It Good Slut!

He must have noticed too because he started rubbing his hand up and down the crack of my cheekies. “Suck it good, Slut!” This black daddy was starting to manhandle and use my mouth like I was a total fuck slut. He was using my mouth hard enough I could feel my big jiggly jugs and booty bouncing all over the place.

His hand was pumping the back of my head up and down on his dick like he was jerking off with my mouth. At the same time he was fiddling around and popped my bikini bottoms exposing my bussy!

“You probably want this dick in your sissy pussy don’t ya? That sissy ass wanna get fucked like a slut? Yeah I know it does slut but all you get is to suck my big black cock tonight!”

Omg this black daddy was getting so verbal with me and knew he had me right where he wanted me. He kept intentionally thrusting his long fat pole into my mouth, making me gag on it while he laughed and asked if I liked that shit.

You Want Daddy’s Nut?

I was barely able to catch my breath as he just kept mouth fucking me like a little black cock craving slut. Sometimes he’d pull it out and slap it all over my face, shove his balls against my mouth to suck & lick and then right back in he’d go. Omg he was totally like fucking my mouth like it was a pussy! He even said that it was “his pussy” tonight.

“You want daddy’s cum? Huh slut? You want daddy’s nut?” I couldn’t do anything but moan on his dick and mumble yes back to him. He started laughing and said I was gonna get it. Like fucking damn, I could legit feel his dick starting to pulsate and throb as he got closer.

“I’m gonna cum right in that slutty sissy mouth, Denver! Here comes that tasty load you wanted, Bitch!”

I felt that big black dick start twitching in my mouth and right as he was about to cum I felt one of his thick black fingers slide deep into my bussy. He started blasting his load deep into my mouth and finger fucking my ass like crazy. “Take all that nut, Denver!”

Becoming a Cum Slut for Black Cock

The only choice I had was to swallow it all while he had me in his gripe like that. The reality of what was happening made me lose control and I felt my dainty feminine clitty getting wet and then it happened. I just started moaning with his huge cock in my mouth as I erupted into a sissygasm all over the inside of my little bikini bottoms.

He got up and was slow stroking his cock looking down at me writhing around on the couch still sissygasming like a total whore. Last thing I remember him saying was, “I just made you cum like a bitch for real!”

Talk about a wild night! My inner sissy slut sure does know how to take control of me. Omg I wonder what it’ll have me doing next weekend!