Denver Shoemaker shocks crowd with micro thongs during Tici’s Talent Contest

Tici Hastings Modeling and Talent Contest took place this past week in Ocean City, Maryland. Of course, I like had to stunt on the other bitches there so I wore the smallest micro thong panties I could find. Needless to say the crowd went wild — the crowd of horny guys that were getting boned up watching that is.

I strutted out there and wiggled my girly butt cheeks in my g-strings and just stole the show. People were saying that I looked like such a cock thirsty slut out there and they’re right. Craving a big cock to suck or get pumped with is a part of my daily life. But like anyway…

The Tici Hastings Modeling and Talent Contest went down as another win for Sissy Denver Shoemaker. Soon I’ll be so famous that big dick packing studs will be lined up around the block wanting a piece.

– Denver Alana Shoemaker