Denver Shoemaker rocks thongs at Walmart in Berlin Maryland

Shopping day! I decided to take a little trip to the Walmart in Berlin, MD to show off my cute skintight white leggings and perky titties.

Like I don’t know what got into me but I was all like, “You know what, Denver Shoemaker, you need to go out there and show it off like a total cock tease!”

Next thing I know, I’m driving there and prancing my thong panty wearing ass right through the front doors. Like OMG!

There were women laughing at how my small micro clit dick tucked in and gave me a fat cameltoe pussy print in the front. I also think my thong might have been showing a little bit.

I did notice a few hot studs checking me out though. If only I had my makeup on I might have offered one of them a hot blowjob out in the parking lot. Did I say that? Oops!

Stay tuned people because this naughty slut is heading back to Walmart for more shopping real soon!