Denver Shoemaker models thong bikini on the boardwalk in Ocean City MD

After getting my new thong bikini, I couldn’t take it anymore and I just had to wear it in public. So I tucked my dainty denver shoemaker clitty into my small thong bikini bottoms, slipped the top over my sissy tits and hit the beach!

I felt so humiliated, while wearing so little in front of all the random men and women walking around but my clitty was loving it. Knowing that there were probably some horny guys seeing me and getting big boners in their pants, is what drives me to continue exposing my butt cheeks in public.

In fact, it makes me wanna be a bad sissy girl and bend over in my thong bikini in front of them for a spanking. Maybe then they will consider spanking their big dicks over my face too.