Denver Shoemaker: Look at what happened to me (Before and After)

I spent most of my life as, Denver Shoemaker, the straight guy that wanted to date girls and get laid. Little did I know, that years of dabbling around with cross dressing and sneaking Amanda & Tici’s panties, would come back to haunt me.

Soon I found myself dressing up like a girl more frequently. The longer I went without getting any sex or blowjobs from women, the more like them I became. It wasn’t long before I was sticking butt plugs in my butt, wearing thongs to work, riding thick girthy dildos and craving juicy hard cocks in my mouth.

Apparently all of my feminine thoughts and sissy actions took hold because I practically transformed into a dick hungry, feminized, fairy fem sissy! Just look at my before and after pic!

Soon I’m going to be the biggest slut and laughingstock of a sissy in all of the Ocean City, Ocean Pines, and Berlin, Maryland area. There’s no turning back now. I’m like totally feminized! OMFG!

– Denver Alan Shoemaker