Denver Shoemaker became transgender to lose his virginity

It used to be hard to admit this but now I embrace it. I’m Denver Alan Shoemaker and I don’t have a big enough dick to be a man. After accepting this fact, I had to do something so I wasn’t a virgin my entire life.

So I did the only thing that would work: I started becoming a trans woman that’s focused on pleasuring men.

Deep down I knew my likelihood of having sex would increase drastically, if I just became a homosexual cock loving trans sissy. I was never able to even get a handjob or blowjob from a woman but I knew that gay guys would let me give them as many of them as I wanted and would totally bang my butt like a little skinny shrimp dick sissy like me deserves.

Now I’ve completely given up on even trying to get with women. Instead I do my best to look & dress pretty, act girly and continue training to become the best sissy dick sucker and cock rider around.

I know my scrawny beta clitty dick won’t ever be near a real pussy so I might as well let gay men bang the sissy cummies right out of my butt-pussy!