Denver Shoemaker admits wearing panties gives him sissy boners

I’ve tried to deny that I get turned on by dressing pretty in girly bras and panties. In reality though, I constantly pop the smallest most feminine sissy boners in my undies. The feel of the thin feminine fabric against my micro size penis just drives my sissy clitty wild.

It’s like totally naughty too, because I like get hard in public, pop sissy boners around co-workers and friends – I’m such a horny trans sissy when I’m wearing tiny panties!

So not only am I constantly turned on when cross dressing like a feminized sissy fairy but I always end up craving a big fat juicy cock. Like I’ll wanna suck and fuck one so bad that I’ll go home and spend the night sucking & riding my male sex doll.

By Denver Alana Shoemaker