Denver Shoemaker admits one of his naughtiest cravings

For those of you that follow me and my transition from, Denver Shoemaker the small penis having guy to Denver the trans-woman, you all know that I crave cock.

Not just any cock though, it has to be a big long thick juicy cock. You could say I’m a sissy size queen and I’m totally like proud of it.

Sure, I’d give a hot wet blowjob to a guy with smaller cock but that only happens when my desire for dick just gets to be too much to handle and I just NEED A LOAD!

What about that naughty craving?!!

The craving? Like, oh yeah! Well, everyone knows I need cock inside my holes but not everyone knows about this naughty craving of mine, so let me explain.

First of all, I have a plump sissy pussy mound in my panties that forms a fat camel toe and that’s what this craving is about. It would involve a deliciously hot stud with a big mushroom head dick just pulled out the front of his pants.

Meanwhile, I’d be on the bed with my legs spread eagle but my thong panties would still be on. My fat camel toe on full display like a slut just ready to get power fucked but that’s not what happens.

Instead this stud just walks up between my feminine thighs and rubs his huge cock tip up and down my camel toe. He’d continue to do this until I’m squirming around and moaning his name, begging him to pull my panties to the side and ride this bussy!

Pretty hot, right? I think so too and that’s why my horny sissy-vagina keeps craving it! I have a feeling it’s gonna stay that way until my bussy-pussy gets fed the fat cock it’s oh so hungry for.

XOXO – Denver Shoemaker