Dating advice for incels by Denver “Sexless” Shoemaker

Let me be clear, I’m basically the 40 year old virgin for real. I’m Denver Shoemaker and I’ve never had sex. I’ve always wanted blowjobs and sex with a woman but all I ever got was rejected, laughed at or a night alone at home humping my hand.

That was when I realized, that I too had become an incel. I want pussy but can’t get any. However, I figured out the secret! If you can’t date them and/or fuck them, then join them! So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing the past couple of years, is becoming a feminized sissy fairy in preparation for big dicks that want to use my horny holes.

Fellow incels need to take note and follow in my high heel footsteps. Start wearing panties, forget about pussy and become one like me, Denver “I Wore Amanda’s Panties” Shoemaker.